Friday, December 15, 2006

A Gentle Nudge

Just a quick reminder that today is the final day of voting for the 2006 Weblog Awards.

So if you would, please pop by and cast a vote for Jonny B's Private Secret Diary.
Just so you know the quality of the blog you are being asked to vote for, you can read it all here.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Funny, that...

As you know I am an Englishman, living in the States. I write this blog, not always regularly and not always with a great writing style but to share some of my experiences and educations with the law of attraction. It's not a funny blog although personally I have a great sense of humor and find many things amusing.

You might notice that in this world of bloggers virtual friendships appear and certain blog are frequented by the same readers and writers. Such is the case with a number of the English blogs I read. Here are some of the best examples.

The World of Yaxlich

Smaller than life

JonnyB's Private Secret Diary

and Little Red Boat

It's almost as if they have their own little blog gangs, maybe "blangs" which I am running around the outskirts of, reading every hilarious tale, anectdote, thought and strangely, progress of bathmats but I digress. The point of this post is to encourage my readers, regular or those that just stumbled across me to cast a vote for the blog written by Jonny B. You may not know where Norfolk is, you may even not be familiar with rural village life in England, but you will certainly notice excellent writing when you see it.

The reason for encouraging your vote is that Jonny B stands to win an award against stiff competition from a rather dull and dreary European political blog. I'm in favor of this because humor / humour is what keeps us smiling through thick and thin.

Humor / Humour (now only referenced as funny because humor/humour gets tiring to type) is something I think is incredibly positive in the world. That's why funny is important, it's also why funny gets a big thumbs up from me and has a special place in a blog about the law of attraction. Funny is positive. Funny is powerful. Funny is Jonny B.

Vote Jonny B and give funny the recognition it deserves.

Thanks all.

Mastermind Group

Those of you familiar with Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich book, will know of the story about Ford and his mastermind group.

I wrote a little while ago about our very own mastermind group and one of the comments received that day was from Evan Carmichael. Since then Evan has asked me to write a guest post for him once a month at his blog. It's well worth a visit if you are even remotely entrepreneurial in nature or even thinking of starting your own business. Evans site is littered with great links and references for any businessman or woman

Please check it out and for those of you that might be interested you can see my guest blog article here.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thoughts Become Things

For the last few days I have taken the approach of hosting a YouTube video to further explain the law of attraction. Today is no different. This video is of Mike Dooley, one of the speakers in the movie The Secret talking about the law of attraction. In particular he talks about the power of your own thoughts and visualization.

I've written about those two topics previously but who better to add to them than Mike Dooley himself.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

An Interesting Trend

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Why, not How

I have talked about the movie "What the bleep" before. It's the movie that tries to explain some of the science of the "law of attraction". This clip here does the best job of explaining to people about the basics of quantum physics, the science behind the law.

Listen carefully to some of the words. Thoughts, Waves of potential, Interfering with itself.

This subject is far larger than just this clip can demonstrate but what it does tell us is that your thoughts are waves of potential. You are capable of anything, absolutely anything, but somehow, when you try to understand how things happen and become an observer in your own mind you change your outcome.

Think about that for a moment.

The secret to the law of attraction says:
ASK - put it out there, think about it, focus on it - create a wave of potential. Your job here is to create a solid focused thought, based on the "WHY" you want it.
ANSWER - the universe does it's piece to bring you what you asked for. For this piece you should sit back, this happens without you.
RECEIVE - get ready to receive what you asked for. Believe you are worthy of it, know that it is coming to you. Now the reality here is that it may not physically manifest in front of you. It may be that circumstance introduced you to a situation or an unexpected bonus, a dividend or some other occurence where you are in posession of either the path to your chosen thing or the money to purchase it, if it were material. Either way, it will be made available to you.

All because you focused on the "Why" you want it.

Now back to the video clip. The video shows quantum physics changing it's results when an observer is present. You are your own observer. Your thoughts of "How?" are creating the interference that gives you the results you expect and not the results you desire.

Therefore the biggest change you will have to make in your life is to trust the universe. If you truly believe and just focus on what it is you want, and why you want it you will get it. That's the power of those waves of potential being realised.

If however you don't trust enough and question, wondering "how" the universe does it, always looking to observe within your own thoughts then you will get what you expect and not what you asked for.

Pretty simple really, but hard to do. I'm no expert myself, but each day I trust that little bit more (it's hard to shake decades of programming) and I am getting more an more of what I ask for rather than what I expect. My life is getting better each and every day because of it.

Irrespective of money, my wife and I feel richer for knowing about this powerful law of attraction.

Get your own copy of What the Bleep or the follow up What the Bleep, Down the Rabbit Hole - Here.