Friday, September 22, 2006

My meme Book Report

It looks like that third party writing, world simplifier Yaxlich has tagged me with writing a book report. To be honest I thought I was done with homework once I'd reached adulthood but seeing as how every day I convince myself I am still just a kid I suppose I had better complete it and hand it in - albeit a little late.

1. One book that changed your life - the hardest question first.
The Celestine Prophecy - I wasn't sure at the time that it had changed my life but it was coincidence that brought it to my attention and the first 2 chapters sent shivers down my spine. I was supposed to find this book and read it. That was over 10 yesr ago and everything that I firmly believe in now, including the scientific creation of the earth, a higher power (my God) and the law of attraction is covered in some way. The parabolic method of story telling may be too much for some but in a way I feel totally connected to it - and now to everything and everyone else too.

2. One book that you've read more than once.
I am such a voracious reader that I always have a pile of books waiting to be read so I rarely get the chance to read a book more than once but I do recall as a kid borrowing my Mum's copy of The Ka of Gifford Hillary - I kind of read it once - just to show off that I could really read....and yes Mum, that quickly :-) but certain parts hooked me, so I really did read it a second time and loved it. I can't remember a whole bunch about it except the title and the premise that Gifford Hillary came too, as a Ka, which is a floating ghost type thing and saw his body, dead. I think he then goes on to solve his own murder - or something like that. I remember at the time it gave me great dreams about out of body experiences.

3. One book that you'd want on a desert island.
I never read the Lord of the Rings books or the Chronicles of Narnia. Either set would be a great escape from swimming, tanning and hunting for food.

4. One book that made you laugh.
As someone who finds humour in almost everything I can think of many books that have made me laugh but the most recent was The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time. A little perverse humour really as the book is written as if by a 12 year old autistic boy, but some of the writing and thought processes made me giggle.

5. One book that made you cry.
Hmm, isn't it the case that when you cry, your eyes fill up and you can't see to read? I cannot recall any at the moment - and will come back to this one once I've checked my bookshelf.

6. One book that you wish you had written.
I wish I had written Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I've mentioned it before in my blog but the book is easy to read and truly encourages a different way for us all to think about our finances. The educational and informative nature of it's writer and the subsequent organization is also generating substantial sums of money for all involved. I'd like that too :-)

7. One book you wish had never been written.
Schindlers Ark - this book is factual and based on a horrendous wrongdoing in our recent history. If the events had never happened, the book would not have needed to be written. To be honest, this answer is more about the events I wish had never taken place rather than the book, but hopefully you'll understand the sentiment.

8. One book that you are reading at the moment.
I am currently reading 2 books. Zero Gravity - a book on internet startups and venture capital and Getting Things Done a book about, well, getting things done actually.....I often have so many things going on at once it would be nice to add some order to my chaos.

9. One book that you've been meaning to read.
Never wrestle with a pig. Another business related book about adding the personal touch to business. I've had it now for a few months and keep putting it second behind new books I buy.

10. Five others that you'd like to do this.
In the spirit of networking I would like to encourage Mike, John, Linda, Prometheus and Richard to keep this going.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Business Relationships

As I continue working towards my goals of financial freedom I have created relationships with a number of people and businesses that I think are crucial to my and others success.

Here they are in no particular order:

Rich Dad - Just the best advice there is. Life changing stuff - I'm a huge fan.

In fact - if you yourself wish to make money by selling his books, games and packs you can become an affiliate just by clicking here:

Boundless Living - This is Bob Doyle's site. You may recognise him from the movie The Secret. He has a program designed to help ANYONE understand and use the Law of Attraction to get whatever you want. Really - whatever you want. Anything. I love it.

My Law of Attraction Blog - Law of attraction stuff, daily updates. My dreams and goals and general stuff.

Achive Success with NO COLD CALLING this guy Daegan Smith is just fantastic - if you're doing any kind of online sales or MLM and just wish that you never had to cold call prospects then this guy is the master of it. Just following his advice I created a campaign that generated over 650 new leads inside 2 weeks. All without me having to call them. His emails are insightful and useful. Just a great resource.

Amazon - My favorite for books, CD's and other stuff. I even have a whole storefront here if you're interested.

Choosing Prosperity - A great game to play if you want to receive tons of money and realize your dreams. A simple online or email game.

Ebay - needs no introduction

The Best Business Plan creation software I know

My Favorite Movie Downloads site

Adminder - This is my favorite way of tracking online advertising success rates, click throughs etc. It really helps you learn which campaigns work and those that do not. An Excellent Service.

The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - a book, website, community and classes that once you are involved in it you will truly begin to understand why you are poor or rich, happy or sad, successful or stuck. This book maps out your financial blueprint and teaches you ways in which you can change it to suit your future desires. A simple read and with a great approach to managing your money. Even my wife likes it :-)

The Success University: My favorite online marketing activity. Not only have I been able to save a huge sum of money on books and courses but I am now growing a business that will provide for me and my family for ever. My favorite MLM business - and believe me - I've tried a few.

I wish you as much luck as I am making for myself. Keep believeing and have a great weekend.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Today is that Day - Self Empowerment where YOU are the Power!

Now here's a useful site: Today is that Day - Self Empowerment where YOU are the Power!

On this page are some exceptionally useful Law of attraction tips. Aaron Potts is the author.

Very powerful stuff. I still love the one about using the universe like a catalogue. You simply choose what you want and place your order. That may sound simple in itself, but for it to truly happen you should consider this.

Law of Attraction Tip #6

In order to create the powerful vibrations needed to attract the things into your life that you want, it is not enough to simply think about them. You must figure out the emotional reason WHY you want that thing, and experience the positive emotion of HAVING it while you think about the object of your desire. The more positive emotion that you create by feeling good about having that thing, and the longer you stay in that emotionally positive state, the faster your desires will come to you!

My thanks to Aaron for putting such a great resource at our fingertips.

May your wishes materialize, for now, have fun shopping from your new catalogue :-)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Could a probe make penguins dance?

Happy Feet - Penguin Dance - video powered by Metacafe
On a happier note than my earlier post. I just went by Yaxlich's blog - he's always good for a laugh and I felt that I'd started the day a little too serious, and I read his post including a poke about Penguins and Probes. I was reminded that there's a new movie coming out that looks just fun.

Happy Feet to all of you. Probe or no probe. :-)

Happy Feet - Penguin Dance - video powered by Metacafe

God 'elp us!

Yesterday I didn't know what to write about. Today I thought I did but it has already changed a number of times.

I've alwasy been careful within my blog to not confuse the Law of Attraction with Religion. I didn't think it mattered all that much but over time I guess it does, well, at least to me.

Here in a controversial way are the end results of my thoughts. I hope to find time enough to go into greater detail about how I reached these conclusions at some point in the future.

1. God is good, religion is bad.
2. God = The Universe
3. God as I understand , (I was brought up a Church of England Christian) is the same God for Christians, Jews and Muslims.
4. Church of England Christian = Catholic - The Pope + The Queen of England
5. Christians, Jews and Muslims all agree that Jesus and Mohammed existed, they just differ in their role. i.e. Son of God versus Prophet
6. Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all beautiful religions and well meaning at their core.
7. Radicalism or extremism from any religion is bad.

My own views are that having been brought up in and around the Church, where we would get dressed up and go every Sunday and every truly high day for that matter, is that there is a God. My education was given to me at a Church of England School, where prayers at morning assembly were common. So arguably I have talked to God. Students at that school were taught about other religions; a term (semester) on Judaism, a term on Islam, even some Buddhism amongst others. So I'm aware of what others think of God.

What this leaves me with is simply that, an education and an awareness. My own belief now is that I am much more spiritually aligned than religious. I've made statements that whether you call 'It' "God" or "the energy ball called Dave", there is a higher power. Now with my recent experiences I'm much more aligned with calling God the Universe. The "Ask" part of the secret is simply Prayer, but that's almost another thread on it's own.

To further explain; I do believe in God or the energy ball called Dave, call it what you will but I also believe in the scientific creation of the world. I allow both evolution and divine creation to co-exist within my mind.

(except for the Old Testament part about Adam and Eve, however I believe that the Old Testament is parabolic and storified mix of dance and song and misinterpretation and dreams, but I digress).

For instance, Science says that the world was created by a big bang, I ask who put all the shit in one place that banged together? That's it, that's what lets me believe in a higher power - God, The Universe, Allah, Dave, the higher power, whatever you wish to call it. And whether you are religious or spiritual there will be one.

The problem with religion is in interpretation. Events, people, meanings, intentions all appear to have been misinterpreted for 1000's of years. God is good but interpretation and a desire to control have taken the words in the books, Bible, Torah, Koran out of context. Just look at Catholics - confession has never been about confessing your sins and receiving absolution from your creator. It was a method of crowd control and information gathering used by the Church back in the middle ages when the Church had ultimate power over everything and everyone and the masses could be controled by fear.

So why do Catholics still practice confession? I have no idea, but if it makes them feel good then they should probably continue it.

Going to Church, I am told, is about worship. To me worship is uplifting and invigorating, but to be honest I find the staid old ways of today's Church to be anything but. The dirges that are the hymns and the music are throwbacks to the middle ages again where organ music was about all the town had because all the money was controlled by the Church.

Anyway, it's not fun and the more I think about religion the more I question why it appears irrelevant today. An even bigger question for me is why is my belief in God (and/as the Universe) actually getting stronger while my desire for religion gets weaker?

My wife and I would like to raise our children with God in their life so we are going to seek out a Church that still allows us to carry out ouyr beliefs but in a much more 21st Century way. If you know of any please let us know.

But back to my point, or at least one of them, the writing of this has been very cathartic, but perhaps not so clear. Religion as we know it today is rooted in all that is good, very powerful good, but sadly is being executed upon so poorly. This is what is giving rise to extreme radicalism and the hatred in the world today.

Can't we all just agree that we all share the same God and that if we check in our corresponding books he actually wants us to get on, together, in peace and harmony? No? Shit! OK, how about this little gem, from my wife this morning;

"the extremists are teaching hate in their schools, but we are doing perhaps worse, we are teaching 'nothingness', we're not allowed to say Happy Christmas and God forbid if we mention God in schools...."

What this means to me, is that we world is changing. If we agree that the law of attraction works whether you believe it or not then the extremists may win, because they believe they will. They pray (ask), we know that the Universe/God/Allah/Dave will answer and then all they have to do is receive.

All I can ask for today, in a request and prayer is that no more lives will be lost in God's name, none given as suicide and none taken by murder. If you wish for the same thing, then ask or pray with me.

My heart goes out to all people, of all, God's, beliefs, colours, creeds and countries who have lost anyone in the name of Religion.


Friday, September 08, 2006

Ping or Pong

I know that I took some time off blogging last week while I was on holiday, but despite bringing myself completely up to date I still cannot get Technorati to show that I've updated my blog.

In fact it says that I haven't updated it for 23 days now.

Is there anyone out there with greater technical knowledge than myself who can explain how this is?

I've pinged every time I've updated, so maybe it's my blog that pongs.

Any advice? On either the ping or the pong?

It would be much appreciated.



Gifts, Games and Goodness

GiftTRAP: I love this game. It was created by a friend of mine and it's a lot of fun. Based on an idea by his beautiful daughter GiftTrap is a simple to learn, fun game about gift giving and receiving. Are you better and giving or getting? How well do you know your friends? Always different and always a laugh, it's perfect for those evenings with friends, after dinner or instead of the pub, maybe even at the pub :-)

For keen photographers there's even a chance to get your pictures included in the game. I got one in :-)

Anyway - the reason I mention it, here on this blog about the law of attraction is this: To launch the game, my friend and his family, in fact the whole GiftTrap team are planning an enormous, worldwide, Guinness world record attempt to jointly have the biggest product launch in history AND to raise $1,000,000 for the Right to Play charity. It's called the Massive Play Weekend and details can be found on their website.

If you would I'd love to encourage you to take part, if not, could I just ask for your thoughts in asking the universe to make the weekend a success. With many people asking for the same thing at once it cannot fail but to come true.

Maybe you could help out by hosting a link to the GiftTrap site on your blog or site. I know that the people behind the game and the Right To Play Charity would be very grateful for your support. Unlike YouTubes' LonelyGirl15 I promise you that this is genuine. If we could harness the collective blogging audience on the web this news would spread like wild fire. Even if every blogger were to just generate $1 for the charity, which would be $50,000,000!! Not bad for a line or two to generate interest eh?

I'm hosting a weekend of games here in Georgia on the 6th-8th October 2006 if you are local and want to play. Please feel free to drop me a line requesting details. If you're not local and would still love to become part of this record breaking attempt then reach out to the GiftTrap team at:

To register send an email titled:
“Volunteer {City Name} to with your full name and postal address (we need phone numbers for US to ship Fed Ex Ground). This offer is currently only valid in US/Canada

Here’s all you need to do; - Pick a venue (home, coffee shop, bar, office – your call)
- Invite some friends to play anytime on 6th-8th October 2006
- Play at least once with friends over the Massive Play Weekend
- Send us an email to confirm your event and include a photo of your event
- You will receive your free copy of GiftTRAP, but this event is a fundraiser for Right To Play; think about charging people to play at your event or consider donating for the postage and auctioning your copy amongst friends.
- Make your donation at
- It’s a fun event and a good cause.

Thanks everyone and best of luck to the team and Right to Play.


Key words: Gift Trap, Right to Play, Massive Play Weekend, LonelyGirl15, YouTube, Charity Event, Guiness World of Records

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Dilemma Facing Science

The Dilemma Facing Science

I said earlier today that an article in Forbes led me to believe that some scientists call the law of attraction "String Theory" well nowI've dug a little deeper it turns out I was right. The link above is to an article that is both highly scientific in nature but also uses the words law of attraction. In fact it says about string theory that "It is the essence that underlies the Law of Attraction."

Wow, this knowledge and quest for it just goes deeper and deeper. I think now that perhaps I should have paid more attention in my sciences classes as a kid.

This stuff really blows my mind.

The News While I was Away

It's been quite a week, or so. Since I started my holiday (and forgot my blog) for a whole week so much has happened in the world. This is what has caught my eye, made me think or simply just happened....

1 - My friend Yaxlich has had a wonderful week; winning the bestest blog of the day award and reaching a blogging milestone. Congratulations to Yaxlich. Additional congrats on not actually pooping yourself in the last few weeks.
2 - Lizza has a post that is near and dear to my heart - I love les Miserables, well, along with Jesus Christ Superstar, in fact I believe that I am only beer, burgers and bad dress away from being gay :-) It might explain why I love Show Tunes so much?
3 - Jim has recovered from his recent hurt and started spreading flirty smiles throughout fastfood joints across the US.
4 - Steve Irwin, the loud, passionate Aussie "Crocodile Hunter" died in what can only be ruled a freak accident. Whatever your views of him, he made for some very interesting TV and was exceptionally educational. He will certainly be missed. If you wish to honour his memory then maybe you could contribute a penny or more to his conservation organization;
5 - Katie Couric made her CBS evening news debut. A big thing here in the US but not such a big thing in my home country England where I remember ladies presenting the evning news from when I was a child.

(Angela Rippon became Britain's first female newsreader on national TV and made her first television appearance for BBC Plymouth on 5 September 1966. She famously danced on the Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show in 1977.)

6 - Baby Suri Cruise, previously unseen and oft attributed with not existing, child of Tom Cruise and the pretty one from Dawson's Creek, Katie Holmes, made her debut this week. With a full photo spread in Vanity Fair magazine and covered by every news channel in the states. Can some again tell me why celebrities are such big news? I don't think I get it. My wife and her friends are absolutely addicted to all the gossip mags and this Pink blog.
7 - I have not failed to get parking spaces immediately where I want them, when I want them.
8 - I read something in Forbes magazine that in my mind ties the whole Law of Attraction to what some scientists call "string theory". I haven't had much time to research this further yet but here's my first results page. I'll let you know what I find out unless you can tell me more about it first.

Thanks and see you soon.

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The Universe

Today I return from vacation - I've enjoyed 10 wonderful days with no work, no thoughts of work and I loved it. Congratulations to my friends Mike and Carolyn who got married over the weekend. We love ya.

So while I've been back at my desk this morning clearing through emails and getting ready to get back to work I received this wonderful email that just puts things into persepctive in the universe. We're all aware of some level of universal scale but this is mainly pictoral and really helped me grasp it.

and poor little pluto is no longer a planet.. Sniffle.

Earth is INVISIBLE? Wow.

Antares is the 15th brightest star in the sky.

It is 560 light years away.

So in summary, outside of just being really fascinating what does it mean?

Well to be honest, and to quote from the movie The Commitments...

"f***ed if oi know Terry". But my interpretation is that the universe is enormous, and powerful and we are less than mere specs in it, like dust particles, blowing around and collecting on the furniture. Never alone, always as a collection, always interconnected.