Friday, December 15, 2006

A Gentle Nudge

Just a quick reminder that today is the final day of voting for the 2006 Weblog Awards.

So if you would, please pop by and cast a vote for Jonny B's Private Secret Diary.
Just so you know the quality of the blog you are being asked to vote for, you can read it all here.


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Funny, that...

As you know I am an Englishman, living in the States. I write this blog, not always regularly and not always with a great writing style but to share some of my experiences and educations with the law of attraction. It's not a funny blog although personally I have a great sense of humor and find many things amusing.

You might notice that in this world of bloggers virtual friendships appear and certain blog are frequented by the same readers and writers. Such is the case with a number of the English blogs I read. Here are some of the best examples.

The World of Yaxlich

Smaller than life

JonnyB's Private Secret Diary

and Little Red Boat

It's almost as if they have their own little blog gangs, maybe "blangs" which I am running around the outskirts of, reading every hilarious tale, anectdote, thought and strangely, progress of bathmats but I digress. The point of this post is to encourage my readers, regular or those that just stumbled across me to cast a vote for the blog written by Jonny B. You may not know where Norfolk is, you may even not be familiar with rural village life in England, but you will certainly notice excellent writing when you see it.

The reason for encouraging your vote is that Jonny B stands to win an award against stiff competition from a rather dull and dreary European political blog. I'm in favor of this because humor / humour is what keeps us smiling through thick and thin.

Humor / Humour (now only referenced as funny because humor/humour gets tiring to type) is something I think is incredibly positive in the world. That's why funny is important, it's also why funny gets a big thumbs up from me and has a special place in a blog about the law of attraction. Funny is positive. Funny is powerful. Funny is Jonny B.

Vote Jonny B and give funny the recognition it deserves.

Thanks all.

Mastermind Group

Those of you familiar with Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich book, will know of the story about Ford and his mastermind group.

I wrote a little while ago about our very own mastermind group and one of the comments received that day was from Evan Carmichael. Since then Evan has asked me to write a guest post for him once a month at his blog. It's well worth a visit if you are even remotely entrepreneurial in nature or even thinking of starting your own business. Evans site is littered with great links and references for any businessman or woman

Please check it out and for those of you that might be interested you can see my guest blog article here.


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thoughts Become Things

For the last few days I have taken the approach of hosting a YouTube video to further explain the law of attraction. Today is no different. This video is of Mike Dooley, one of the speakers in the movie The Secret talking about the law of attraction. In particular he talks about the power of your own thoughts and visualization.

I've written about those two topics previously but who better to add to them than Mike Dooley himself.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

An Interesting Trend

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Why, not How

I have talked about the movie "What the bleep" before. It's the movie that tries to explain some of the science of the "law of attraction". This clip here does the best job of explaining to people about the basics of quantum physics, the science behind the law.

Listen carefully to some of the words. Thoughts, Waves of potential, Interfering with itself.

This subject is far larger than just this clip can demonstrate but what it does tell us is that your thoughts are waves of potential. You are capable of anything, absolutely anything, but somehow, when you try to understand how things happen and become an observer in your own mind you change your outcome.

Think about that for a moment.

The secret to the law of attraction says:
ASK - put it out there, think about it, focus on it - create a wave of potential. Your job here is to create a solid focused thought, based on the "WHY" you want it.
ANSWER - the universe does it's piece to bring you what you asked for. For this piece you should sit back, this happens without you.
RECEIVE - get ready to receive what you asked for. Believe you are worthy of it, know that it is coming to you. Now the reality here is that it may not physically manifest in front of you. It may be that circumstance introduced you to a situation or an unexpected bonus, a dividend or some other occurence where you are in posession of either the path to your chosen thing or the money to purchase it, if it were material. Either way, it will be made available to you.

All because you focused on the "Why" you want it.

Now back to the video clip. The video shows quantum physics changing it's results when an observer is present. You are your own observer. Your thoughts of "How?" are creating the interference that gives you the results you expect and not the results you desire.

Therefore the biggest change you will have to make in your life is to trust the universe. If you truly believe and just focus on what it is you want, and why you want it you will get it. That's the power of those waves of potential being realised.

If however you don't trust enough and question, wondering "how" the universe does it, always looking to observe within your own thoughts then you will get what you expect and not what you asked for.

Pretty simple really, but hard to do. I'm no expert myself, but each day I trust that little bit more (it's hard to shake decades of programming) and I am getting more an more of what I ask for rather than what I expect. My life is getting better each and every day because of it.

Irrespective of money, my wife and I feel richer for knowing about this powerful law of attraction.

Get your own copy of What the Bleep or the follow up What the Bleep, Down the Rabbit Hole - Here.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Vision Statement and Manifestation

My big thanks to Maggie for pointing me in the direction of this video below.

It seems a pretty simple thing to do and I completely believe in it's power. It also seems like the next step up from the dream board, although I think it would help to have both. SO I'm going to use what little technical experience I have to see if I can create my own and post it here to share with you.

I'd love to be able to put each of your vision statements on this blog so if you have created one please email me with details and I'll do what I can to put it here for others to view.

Good luck and happy hunting (for images)


C-List Blogebrity

C-List Blogger

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful thanksgiving weekend. Since this is my first time online since before the holiday I just wanted to give thanks for everything I have and everything that is coming my way.

On that subject I'd also like to give thanks to Terry over at for his new widget that announced me as a C-List blogebrity. Inspired by Dave Sifry’s State of the Blogosphere, the Technorati-Powered widget Terry has created, computes your bloglebrity status based on four influential groupings.

Thanks Terry.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

What you focus on expands

A short post today: The law of attraction says "what you focus on expands" so think the positive version of a thought rather than the negative one. The whole reason is to avoid putting your focus on what you don't want t happen.

Here's a couple of examples I'm working on to give you an idea.

I would like to quit smoking but rather than focus on quitting smoking I will focus on being healthy and having good clean lungs and lots of energy. That's because the universe would focus it's efforts on smoking and I don't want that - I want health and energy, so that's what I'll focus on.

Another example: I'd like to have no bad debt in my life. (bad debt is bills and credit cards that have been run up for anything other than the purchase of income producing assets.) So rather than focus on debt, or getting out of debt, or being debt free - all of which would focus the universe on debt, I will focus my energy and thoughts on increased passive income and greater cashflow.

Do you see how it works? Try it out yourself with something you'd like to quit or achieve, drop me a line and let me know how you are getting along with it.

I just thought I'd share.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Waaaaaaay back in Synch

It's actually been a while since I updated my blog and I realise now that the most recent one you would have been seeing looks like bad news. This is a good news blog, in fact a GREAT news blog.

This update is to let you know that my wife and I are back in synch and in a big way. We realise that we've come a long way in our new thinking. We believe in financial freedom, we believe that you don't have to have a job to get rich, we believe that our time together is more precious than any time we give our employers in short we beleive in the secret and the law of attraction. We truly believe that our NEW way of thinking is at least 180 dgrees different from the OLD way, in fact that's how we refer to it when we hear anyone talking about getting a good education, getting a great job and working hard and saving money. That really is OLD way thinking.

Let me fill you in on a number of the things that have happened since I last wrote. In fact it's as a result of everything we've been doing that we've been inundated with work. That is what has prevented me from updating, and by the way, when I say work, I don't mean for someone else, I mean for us. So here goes.

We have started an LLC that will help us with reducing our taxes and the company is for any of the money earned on internet marketing, real estate or business coaching and consulting we do. What we needed more than anything was a team of experts who could become our brain trust or as Napoleon Hill puts it our "Mastermind Group". Well we found them.

As a result of the business and real estate activity we met a great business attorney who referred us to a phenomenal real estate attorney we now use, who in turn has referred us to several great real estate CPA's, a forensic accountant and an SEC attorney. As a result of now having this great team in place we have much more confidence in a number of the real estate deals we are putting together. So much so that on December 15th this year my wife will be financially free and we are pulling her out of work. She has already handed her notice in and is looking forward to her last few weeks of working for someone else. By that date we will own our first multifamily apartment building and maybe 3 more - we have offers in on 3 right now.

The law of attraction has truly worked for her, even as a semi-skeptic and even though we were out of synch. Proof positive that whether you believe in it or not, the law of attraction simply works, simply. That's why I say we are back in synch. She's excited by all the opportunities that she see's coming our way and knows that she'll be able to get me out of work, financially free inside the next 6 months, just by working for us from home and using this powerful law to our benefit. Now that's synchronized thinking. I'd love to be that free, that soon.

Dear Universe, I know you're listening. How about working on that one for us? I have a whole bunch of ideas that would both help people and enable them to be financially free if you could just make this request come true and free up my time to help my wife build our new businesses.
More on those plans later. Until then, I am grateful for all that I have today and thank you for all that you have given us so far. We are truly blessed.


P.S. I encourage anyone with dreams of wealth and time with family to read as much as you can from all successful people who have gone before you in this journey. I must read 2 of these books a week on average. Check out this weeks recommended reading Here.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Out of Synch

Last night my wife and I had a fight. It got ugly at several points and then it calmed down, but even today it is not brilliant.

I think it is because we are out of synch. I realize and understand that when I'm officially old enough to retire that there will not be any social security money left. That to me means that I'll either be working all my life just to exist or I can put in a whole bunch of smart work now to avoid that.

I think my wife "gets it" but then when it comes to the crunch she just wants her life the way it is. No discomfort, not even for a short time, no long range planning except for having children and no desire or as she says drive to become a business owner, salesperson or entrepreneur.

To be honest - I don't have a drive to become those things either. I do however have a drive that suggests some minor inconvenience would be acceptable, certain risks are acceptable and having a certain (but open) mind set is acceptable for just one purpose: Providing for my wife and family now and into the future. I'd really like to be able to spend every minute with my children as they grow - their first steps, first words and so on. I'd like to be with them on birthdays, holidays, schools shows and recitals. Most importantly I'd like to be with them because I just can and not because I was able to sneak out of work early or took some vacation time.

To me, my dream of being wealthy is not about the money itself, but what it can do for us. It can buy us time from jobs we do not enjoy, it can buy us the time to be with family and friends and it can buy us the tickets to go and visit those family and friends. Any where at any time. Not a bad request when you realize that my wifes family are spread across 4 states and mine spread across the UK and New Zealand.

I think she "gets it". I know she says she does. It's just that we are out of synch on "how" all the above dreams are going to become reality.

The ironic thing about this is that providing we are clear with the universe on "why" we want something then the rules of the law of attraction state that the "how" will take care of itself.

Maybe yesterday was just a day to be out of synch.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Don't just take my word for it...

Or More Law of Attraction Stories and Links

There are many authors and blogs listed below, many are experts in the field, some are keen amateurs like myself, some wish to earn fortunes, others to simply lose weight or find the person of their dreams. Many are fans, some are sceptics, some not so keen but not so firmly opposed. Each writer tells the stories and facts in their way and I am pleased to be able to link to them all here.

To my casual or unconvinced readers: Now you have other places to go, other sources of information about the law of attraction (and natures other laws in some cases) to read up on. Educate yourself. Determine if I really am just a raving loony with one foot in the funny farm, wriggling around trying to get out of that nice white jacket with the sleeves that do up at the back, or someone who just like you has a dream and wants to see it become a reality.

If you are one of the authors to whose blog I have not got around to yet, please be patient I'll get there soon. Thanks and keep blogging.

Skateboarder Learns Law of Attraction
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by Sean At Mystery of Existence, Per offers an in-depth post on the Law of Attraction with some keen insights. Here’s an example:. I may set an intention, and even visualize for something to occur, yet within a context of Thy will be done,

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Law Of Attraction Secrets
The Universe has been called many things - God, Inner Being, Your Source, Higher Being, Infinite Mind. Or if we are really brave, we may associate it with Quatum Phsyics - the area of all possibility.

The Secret Law of Attraction
by pheromone “Opposites attract” is a law of attraction, at least where electromagnetism is concerned. But are there laws about attraction between two people? “In a world that is full of strangers” as a line in a famous song of the 1980’s goes, ...

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by bryantw The Law of Attraction simply states that what you think about is what you create. So if you think about the things you ... Your passion for what you do brings you greater success: the Law of Attraction. You become what you think about. ...

October 2006 Spiritual Wisdom Newsletter
A users guide to the universe.

The Law of Attraction, and Me
by jakedahn The book introduces the Law of Attraction, and to me it really makes sense. From what I’ve read so far, it’s one of the best books I’ve read. The ideas in the book present a whole new way of looking at reality, and if you’re in a set ...

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Statistical Test of the Law of Attraction
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The Butterfly Effect by Ron White
12 Oct 2006 by admin The Secret Pays System - 7400% Return. Hello friends,. Read this article and know that YOU also make a difference in the world and in the Universe with every action, every breath. YOU matter.

Law of Attraction SOS Report
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Cross Body Blocking your Attitude with the Law of Attraction
by aaron Basically what happens with the Law of Attraction is that by the nature of your thoughts and your feelings, you attract into your life those very things, or things very similar. So, if you feel like you’re having a bad day, guess what? ...

Dating and Relationship Advice - Can You Use the Law of Attraction ...
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What We Can Learn From Newton’s Third Law of Motion
Because if you’re offering positive action, there is actually going to be positive action returned....somewhat like the Law of Attraction. Action is energy. So what action/energy are you giving your customers today?

Review of "The Secret"
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Subjective Reality: How Desire Always Overrides Methods
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by alison koh Everything in creation is influenced by the law of magnetism (also called Law of Attraction). The law of magnetism teaches us that whatever we concentrate upon, we draw to ourselves. If we focus on goodness, our life can be a garden of ...

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Good example: Law of Attraction at work
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The Law of Attraction
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by gary Steve writes: “The Law of Attraction simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts will ... It is the dominant beliefs that manifest through the law of attraction. But there are still other ...

Love, Life and The Law of Attraction
by Terry Just because I wrote a book detailing how to use the Law of Attraction to achieve romance and ... For two decades I have devoured every book I came across on The Law of Attraction, including Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain, ...

Abraham on the Law of Attraction and the Internet
1 Oct 2006 by Vickie And we say “law of attraction lined it up.” It’s really easy. ... It REALLY got my attention as I have always thought that the internet was pretty amazing, but never really thought about it in a law of attraction sort of way. ...

Law of Detachment - Flowing with God
by Mind Reality The Law of Detachment is complimentary to the Law of Attraction. The law of detachment may seem like a ... We learn from the law of attraction that all we experience is the result of what we feel. When we feel undesirable feelings, ...

Making The Law Of Attraction Work FOR You
by Trevor “By the time I was 30 I had concluded that there is no God; there’s no such thing as the Law of Attraction, life’sab…. and then you’re dead. I had been a health professional, practising what I loved – therapy. ...

by Lee The basic tenet of metaphysics is the Law of Attraction. It states that which you visualize/picture/imagine/state/verbalize will manifest in your experience. Law of Attraction does not make judgments of "good" or "bad", "positive" or ...

THE GREATEST Law of Attraction Story EVER TOLD ! !
Believe it or not.... This is an actual account... Total reality meaning THIS DID HAPPEN Tuesday evening about 6 PM PST and it is SO PHENOMENAL I must give you the background first: For 3 days prior to MY GREATEST LOA EXPERIENCE of all ...

Law of Attraction
by jasonsteeghs So, anyone who has seen it or feels like they have an understanding of "the law of attraction"... I couldn't help but to wonder what Spiral Dynamics might have to say about this whole idea of creating our realities. ...

The law of attraction
by Elizabeth Juffs I've just returned from spending a couple of hours with a friend watching a fascinating DVD. Now this isn't the way I usually spend my days, you understand, especially on a gorgeous day like today. But this film was different. ...

Law of Attraction
by Jeff Gee We’ve been listening to these tapes by ‘Abraham’ about the Law of Attraction. These tapes have got me thinking about my thoughts and feelings and how they attract everything into my life. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter. ...

Interesting: The Law of Attraction…
by Amit But I skimmed to that page, before I got there, I had the thought: “Wouldn’t it be funny if it had something regarding the Law of Attraction…and here’s what was written… “You need to work but good things are coming your way. ...

Law of attraction?
. . . The first drawback is an obvious one: the law of attraction only serves as one of many ... Instead of money to buy it, we use the law of attraction. ... Underlying the interest in the law of attraction is the belief that something is ...

Mastery Of Desire Extends Power From Infinitesimal Particles To ...
by cloud Let’s say the Law of Attraction is real. That means that when you know what you desire, and you feel as if you already have your desired thing (you are experiencing your desire), then the universe gives you more of that which you desire ...

My thanks to all these writers for contributing knowledge, facts, science, personal experience and a desire to learn to the growing audience in the real world. For each eager soul who your words inspire, educate or simply inform the universe thanks you.

Busting Loose

Just the other day, my friend gave me a book to read, called Busting Loose From the Money Game: Mind-Blowing Strategies for Changing the Rules of a Game You Can't Win and it is "out there", I mean, really "out there". I can say that safely because it absolutely makes sense to me now, because of the journey of mental, physical, spiritual and metaphysical learning and understanding I have been on as I get closer each day to realizing my dream.

If I had read this book back then it would have blown my mind, but not now. I am finally getting it! It's all just a game - everything we do, everything we are, feel and see, is one game - created by us to have fun and challenge ourselves. I kinda like that.

If any of the following statements make sense to you or have ever popped into your head as thoughts then please read the book. Your journey is about to change speed again.

1 - I am the Universe
2 - God is the universe
3 - Therefore I am God, or put another way, God is me
4 - I believe in a higher power of infinite intelligence and believe that we are all interconnected
5 - Quantum Physics makes sense to me
6 - We are all one.

For the lay person reading this, No - I am not a barking loon, who needs to be locked up - this is the next evolution of my understanding of life and the universe and my role or position within and it's ability to help me achieve my financial, personal and health goals.

I survived Friday the 13th

A strange set of coincedences were abound on Friday 13th. I had just read and chuckled at Yaxlich's Friday 13th post and was talking to a friend in England about it. At that very moment I was heading off to Lake Hartwell in Georgia. My wife and I were meeting up with 3 other couple friends and planning on letting the dogs play.

That's 8 people in total, a lake and Friday 13th. My friend expected that I would not make it back from the trip but here I am, alive and well. Maybe it's because I'm the cute one who also happens to be the virgin?

It was a little scary though - the house next door to the one we stayed in had been burned to the ground and there were eerie noises coming from pipes and metal that got caught in the breeze. There were no street lamps and the only flashlight we had was the one in the house that died just 2 minutes after turning it on. Leaving me and my friend to trip over brush and half-path until we found the lighting for the walk down to the lake front.

To be honest - I'm a 37 year old, 6'5" man who doesn't get scared by much but I'll admit to breathing a little short and generally puckering my butt as I made it out to the homeowners boat dock which was lit up like a Christamd tree it was so bright. That was quite a scary 200 yards I can tell you.

Still, we proceeded to make an amazing (even if I say so myself) fire in a fire pit on the beachfront and sat there eating s'mores and drinking. As for the other coincedences? 13 drinks, 13 stumbles in the woods, 13 ghost stories told. ( I really wasn't counting......) And the final one: Is there any coincedence in the fact that I couln't play pool when I was 13 years old and the fact that I cannot play after 13 vodka and red bulls now?

Thursday, October 12, 2006

I got my energy back

Wowee - I feel all supercharged again today, my mind is clearer, I feel like I have focus and clarity with everything that is going on. To be honest, I have a lot going on.

Yesterday was a real down day, it didn't seem to matter what I did I was just in a funk. I had to pull out of 2 real estate offers I'd made because the sellers couldn't bring themselves to sell at my price and I had one of my investor partners drop out of a deal too.

The reality is, these things happen all the time, and as I now know - for a really good reason, but somehow yesterday I just hit an energy low. Right up until I went to my cashflow club. It's our little club where we meet every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month to play the Cashflow game created by Rich Dad Poor Dad creator Robert Kiyosaki.

I love to play it and it doesn't get boring, I even tell people that the books will encourage you to change your life while the game will ACTUALLY change your life, and I mean it. That's not the whole reason for my energy boost though. It's the people. We have all sorts attend, varying educations, employments, histories, ages and it's a mix. It's a great mix. While we are playing, before and after we will sit and discuss new books we are reading and experiences we are having as well as sharing our dreams, goals and plans with likeminded people.

I need reminding once in a while that not everyone thinks like everyone else and I know that for sure because a lot of people consider the law of attraction a wacky idea and others think that Rich Dad is just a bunch of hot air to sell books. I do believe in both of them a lot and it's just great once in a while to hang out with others who agree.

Today, I'm bouncing like a child and full of the joys of spring. I have made myself a new day today and everything is just perfect, it feels good and I'm ready for the world. Bring it on.


Monday, October 09, 2006

Watch The Secret

This is a great 7 minute clip of the movie The Secret I told you about. The story about the genie is how this blog got it's name. I recommend anybody to watch the whole thing. It really is worth your time.

Do you know friends who are glass half empty types? This might just convinbce them to change.

I haven't been on for a while because I am busy, busy busy, now I know that is no excuse but in the last week alone my goal is starting to take on a more realistic form. My wife and I and our friends/business partners are about a week away from closing a deal on a liquor store, an 8 unit apartment building and a 3/2 condo. All of which are great deals and all of which will both contribute to our bottom line and our monthly passive income.

What has been interesting is that way back I said we would make $36,000 in 49 days. Well it didn't happen by the calendar dates but I was reminded to be absolutely specific in my requests. The original goal was to hit that $36,000 in 49 days, but I didn't say which 49 days.

Now it looks like it is going to happen. I'll let you know.

Until then enjoy the Secret and I hope you can make it work for you.


Friday, September 22, 2006

My meme Book Report

It looks like that third party writing, world simplifier Yaxlich has tagged me with writing a book report. To be honest I thought I was done with homework once I'd reached adulthood but seeing as how every day I convince myself I am still just a kid I suppose I had better complete it and hand it in - albeit a little late.

1. One book that changed your life - the hardest question first.
The Celestine Prophecy - I wasn't sure at the time that it had changed my life but it was coincidence that brought it to my attention and the first 2 chapters sent shivers down my spine. I was supposed to find this book and read it. That was over 10 yesr ago and everything that I firmly believe in now, including the scientific creation of the earth, a higher power (my God) and the law of attraction is covered in some way. The parabolic method of story telling may be too much for some but in a way I feel totally connected to it - and now to everything and everyone else too.

2. One book that you've read more than once.
I am such a voracious reader that I always have a pile of books waiting to be read so I rarely get the chance to read a book more than once but I do recall as a kid borrowing my Mum's copy of The Ka of Gifford Hillary - I kind of read it once - just to show off that I could really read....and yes Mum, that quickly :-) but certain parts hooked me, so I really did read it a second time and loved it. I can't remember a whole bunch about it except the title and the premise that Gifford Hillary came too, as a Ka, which is a floating ghost type thing and saw his body, dead. I think he then goes on to solve his own murder - or something like that. I remember at the time it gave me great dreams about out of body experiences.

3. One book that you'd want on a desert island.
I never read the Lord of the Rings books or the Chronicles of Narnia. Either set would be a great escape from swimming, tanning and hunting for food.

4. One book that made you laugh.
As someone who finds humour in almost everything I can think of many books that have made me laugh but the most recent was The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time. A little perverse humour really as the book is written as if by a 12 year old autistic boy, but some of the writing and thought processes made me giggle.

5. One book that made you cry.
Hmm, isn't it the case that when you cry, your eyes fill up and you can't see to read? I cannot recall any at the moment - and will come back to this one once I've checked my bookshelf.

6. One book that you wish you had written.
I wish I had written Rich Dad, Poor Dad. I've mentioned it before in my blog but the book is easy to read and truly encourages a different way for us all to think about our finances. The educational and informative nature of it's writer and the subsequent organization is also generating substantial sums of money for all involved. I'd like that too :-)

7. One book you wish had never been written.
Schindlers Ark - this book is factual and based on a horrendous wrongdoing in our recent history. If the events had never happened, the book would not have needed to be written. To be honest, this answer is more about the events I wish had never taken place rather than the book, but hopefully you'll understand the sentiment.

8. One book that you are reading at the moment.
I am currently reading 2 books. Zero Gravity - a book on internet startups and venture capital and Getting Things Done a book about, well, getting things done actually.....I often have so many things going on at once it would be nice to add some order to my chaos.

9. One book that you've been meaning to read.
Never wrestle with a pig. Another business related book about adding the personal touch to business. I've had it now for a few months and keep putting it second behind new books I buy.

10. Five others that you'd like to do this.
In the spirit of networking I would like to encourage Mike, John, Linda, Prometheus and Richard to keep this going.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Business Relationships

As I continue working towards my goals of financial freedom I have created relationships with a number of people and businesses that I think are crucial to my and others success.

Here they are in no particular order:

Rich Dad - Just the best advice there is. Life changing stuff - I'm a huge fan.

In fact - if you yourself wish to make money by selling his books, games and packs you can become an affiliate just by clicking here:

Boundless Living - This is Bob Doyle's site. You may recognise him from the movie The Secret. He has a program designed to help ANYONE understand and use the Law of Attraction to get whatever you want. Really - whatever you want. Anything. I love it.

My Law of Attraction Blog - Law of attraction stuff, daily updates. My dreams and goals and general stuff.

Achive Success with NO COLD CALLING this guy Daegan Smith is just fantastic - if you're doing any kind of online sales or MLM and just wish that you never had to cold call prospects then this guy is the master of it. Just following his advice I created a campaign that generated over 650 new leads inside 2 weeks. All without me having to call them. His emails are insightful and useful. Just a great resource.

Amazon - My favorite for books, CD's and other stuff. I even have a whole storefront here if you're interested.

Choosing Prosperity - A great game to play if you want to receive tons of money and realize your dreams. A simple online or email game.

Ebay - needs no introduction

The Best Business Plan creation software I know

My Favorite Movie Downloads site

Adminder - This is my favorite way of tracking online advertising success rates, click throughs etc. It really helps you learn which campaigns work and those that do not. An Excellent Service.

The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - a book, website, community and classes that once you are involved in it you will truly begin to understand why you are poor or rich, happy or sad, successful or stuck. This book maps out your financial blueprint and teaches you ways in which you can change it to suit your future desires. A simple read and with a great approach to managing your money. Even my wife likes it :-)

The Success University: My favorite online marketing activity. Not only have I been able to save a huge sum of money on books and courses but I am now growing a business that will provide for me and my family for ever. My favorite MLM business - and believe me - I've tried a few.

I wish you as much luck as I am making for myself. Keep believeing and have a great weekend.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Today is that Day - Self Empowerment where YOU are the Power!

Now here's a useful site: Today is that Day - Self Empowerment where YOU are the Power!

On this page are some exceptionally useful Law of attraction tips. Aaron Potts is the author.

Very powerful stuff. I still love the one about using the universe like a catalogue. You simply choose what you want and place your order. That may sound simple in itself, but for it to truly happen you should consider this.

Law of Attraction Tip #6

In order to create the powerful vibrations needed to attract the things into your life that you want, it is not enough to simply think about them. You must figure out the emotional reason WHY you want that thing, and experience the positive emotion of HAVING it while you think about the object of your desire. The more positive emotion that you create by feeling good about having that thing, and the longer you stay in that emotionally positive state, the faster your desires will come to you!

My thanks to Aaron for putting such a great resource at our fingertips.

May your wishes materialize, for now, have fun shopping from your new catalogue :-)

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Could a probe make penguins dance?

Happy Feet - Penguin Dance - video powered by Metacafe
On a happier note than my earlier post. I just went by Yaxlich's blog - he's always good for a laugh and I felt that I'd started the day a little too serious, and I read his post including a poke about Penguins and Probes. I was reminded that there's a new movie coming out that looks just fun.

Happy Feet to all of you. Probe or no probe. :-)

Happy Feet - Penguin Dance - video powered by Metacafe

God 'elp us!

Yesterday I didn't know what to write about. Today I thought I did but it has already changed a number of times.

I've alwasy been careful within my blog to not confuse the Law of Attraction with Religion. I didn't think it mattered all that much but over time I guess it does, well, at least to me.

Here in a controversial way are the end results of my thoughts. I hope to find time enough to go into greater detail about how I reached these conclusions at some point in the future.

1. God is good, religion is bad.
2. God = The Universe
3. God as I understand , (I was brought up a Church of England Christian) is the same God for Christians, Jews and Muslims.
4. Church of England Christian = Catholic - The Pope + The Queen of England
5. Christians, Jews and Muslims all agree that Jesus and Mohammed existed, they just differ in their role. i.e. Son of God versus Prophet
6. Christianity, Judaism and Islam are all beautiful religions and well meaning at their core.
7. Radicalism or extremism from any religion is bad.

My own views are that having been brought up in and around the Church, where we would get dressed up and go every Sunday and every truly high day for that matter, is that there is a God. My education was given to me at a Church of England School, where prayers at morning assembly were common. So arguably I have talked to God. Students at that school were taught about other religions; a term (semester) on Judaism, a term on Islam, even some Buddhism amongst others. So I'm aware of what others think of God.

What this leaves me with is simply that, an education and an awareness. My own belief now is that I am much more spiritually aligned than religious. I've made statements that whether you call 'It' "God" or "the energy ball called Dave", there is a higher power. Now with my recent experiences I'm much more aligned with calling God the Universe. The "Ask" part of the secret is simply Prayer, but that's almost another thread on it's own.

To further explain; I do believe in God or the energy ball called Dave, call it what you will but I also believe in the scientific creation of the world. I allow both evolution and divine creation to co-exist within my mind.

(except for the Old Testament part about Adam and Eve, however I believe that the Old Testament is parabolic and storified mix of dance and song and misinterpretation and dreams, but I digress).

For instance, Science says that the world was created by a big bang, I ask who put all the shit in one place that banged together? That's it, that's what lets me believe in a higher power - God, The Universe, Allah, Dave, the higher power, whatever you wish to call it. And whether you are religious or spiritual there will be one.

The problem with religion is in interpretation. Events, people, meanings, intentions all appear to have been misinterpreted for 1000's of years. God is good but interpretation and a desire to control have taken the words in the books, Bible, Torah, Koran out of context. Just look at Catholics - confession has never been about confessing your sins and receiving absolution from your creator. It was a method of crowd control and information gathering used by the Church back in the middle ages when the Church had ultimate power over everything and everyone and the masses could be controled by fear.

So why do Catholics still practice confession? I have no idea, but if it makes them feel good then they should probably continue it.

Going to Church, I am told, is about worship. To me worship is uplifting and invigorating, but to be honest I find the staid old ways of today's Church to be anything but. The dirges that are the hymns and the music are throwbacks to the middle ages again where organ music was about all the town had because all the money was controlled by the Church.

Anyway, it's not fun and the more I think about religion the more I question why it appears irrelevant today. An even bigger question for me is why is my belief in God (and/as the Universe) actually getting stronger while my desire for religion gets weaker?

My wife and I would like to raise our children with God in their life so we are going to seek out a Church that still allows us to carry out ouyr beliefs but in a much more 21st Century way. If you know of any please let us know.

But back to my point, or at least one of them, the writing of this has been very cathartic, but perhaps not so clear. Religion as we know it today is rooted in all that is good, very powerful good, but sadly is being executed upon so poorly. This is what is giving rise to extreme radicalism and the hatred in the world today.

Can't we all just agree that we all share the same God and that if we check in our corresponding books he actually wants us to get on, together, in peace and harmony? No? Shit! OK, how about this little gem, from my wife this morning;

"the extremists are teaching hate in their schools, but we are doing perhaps worse, we are teaching 'nothingness', we're not allowed to say Happy Christmas and God forbid if we mention God in schools...."

What this means to me, is that we world is changing. If we agree that the law of attraction works whether you believe it or not then the extremists may win, because they believe they will. They pray (ask), we know that the Universe/God/Allah/Dave will answer and then all they have to do is receive.

All I can ask for today, in a request and prayer is that no more lives will be lost in God's name, none given as suicide and none taken by murder. If you wish for the same thing, then ask or pray with me.

My heart goes out to all people, of all, God's, beliefs, colours, creeds and countries who have lost anyone in the name of Religion.


Friday, September 08, 2006

Ping or Pong

I know that I took some time off blogging last week while I was on holiday, but despite bringing myself completely up to date I still cannot get Technorati to show that I've updated my blog.

In fact it says that I haven't updated it for 23 days now.

Is there anyone out there with greater technical knowledge than myself who can explain how this is?

I've pinged every time I've updated, so maybe it's my blog that pongs.

Any advice? On either the ping or the pong?

It would be much appreciated.



Gifts, Games and Goodness

GiftTRAP: I love this game. It was created by a friend of mine and it's a lot of fun. Based on an idea by his beautiful daughter GiftTrap is a simple to learn, fun game about gift giving and receiving. Are you better and giving or getting? How well do you know your friends? Always different and always a laugh, it's perfect for those evenings with friends, after dinner or instead of the pub, maybe even at the pub :-)

For keen photographers there's even a chance to get your pictures included in the game. I got one in :-)

Anyway - the reason I mention it, here on this blog about the law of attraction is this: To launch the game, my friend and his family, in fact the whole GiftTrap team are planning an enormous, worldwide, Guinness world record attempt to jointly have the biggest product launch in history AND to raise $1,000,000 for the Right to Play charity. It's called the Massive Play Weekend and details can be found on their website.

If you would I'd love to encourage you to take part, if not, could I just ask for your thoughts in asking the universe to make the weekend a success. With many people asking for the same thing at once it cannot fail but to come true.

Maybe you could help out by hosting a link to the GiftTrap site on your blog or site. I know that the people behind the game and the Right To Play Charity would be very grateful for your support. Unlike YouTubes' LonelyGirl15 I promise you that this is genuine. If we could harness the collective blogging audience on the web this news would spread like wild fire. Even if every blogger were to just generate $1 for the charity, which would be $50,000,000!! Not bad for a line or two to generate interest eh?

I'm hosting a weekend of games here in Georgia on the 6th-8th October 2006 if you are local and want to play. Please feel free to drop me a line requesting details. If you're not local and would still love to become part of this record breaking attempt then reach out to the GiftTrap team at:

To register send an email titled:
“Volunteer {City Name} to with your full name and postal address (we need phone numbers for US to ship Fed Ex Ground). This offer is currently only valid in US/Canada

Here’s all you need to do; - Pick a venue (home, coffee shop, bar, office – your call)
- Invite some friends to play anytime on 6th-8th October 2006
- Play at least once with friends over the Massive Play Weekend
- Send us an email to confirm your event and include a photo of your event
- You will receive your free copy of GiftTRAP, but this event is a fundraiser for Right To Play; think about charging people to play at your event or consider donating for the postage and auctioning your copy amongst friends.
- Make your donation at
- It’s a fun event and a good cause.

Thanks everyone and best of luck to the team and Right to Play.


Key words: Gift Trap, Right to Play, Massive Play Weekend, LonelyGirl15, YouTube, Charity Event, Guiness World of Records

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Dilemma Facing Science

The Dilemma Facing Science

I said earlier today that an article in Forbes led me to believe that some scientists call the law of attraction "String Theory" well nowI've dug a little deeper it turns out I was right. The link above is to an article that is both highly scientific in nature but also uses the words law of attraction. In fact it says about string theory that "It is the essence that underlies the Law of Attraction."

Wow, this knowledge and quest for it just goes deeper and deeper. I think now that perhaps I should have paid more attention in my sciences classes as a kid.

This stuff really blows my mind.

The News While I was Away

It's been quite a week, or so. Since I started my holiday (and forgot my blog) for a whole week so much has happened in the world. This is what has caught my eye, made me think or simply just happened....

1 - My friend Yaxlich has had a wonderful week; winning the bestest blog of the day award and reaching a blogging milestone. Congratulations to Yaxlich. Additional congrats on not actually pooping yourself in the last few weeks.
2 - Lizza has a post that is near and dear to my heart - I love les Miserables, well, along with Jesus Christ Superstar, in fact I believe that I am only beer, burgers and bad dress away from being gay :-) It might explain why I love Show Tunes so much?
3 - Jim has recovered from his recent hurt and started spreading flirty smiles throughout fastfood joints across the US.
4 - Steve Irwin, the loud, passionate Aussie "Crocodile Hunter" died in what can only be ruled a freak accident. Whatever your views of him, he made for some very interesting TV and was exceptionally educational. He will certainly be missed. If you wish to honour his memory then maybe you could contribute a penny or more to his conservation organization;
5 - Katie Couric made her CBS evening news debut. A big thing here in the US but not such a big thing in my home country England where I remember ladies presenting the evning news from when I was a child.

(Angela Rippon became Britain's first female newsreader on national TV and made her first television appearance for BBC Plymouth on 5 September 1966. She famously danced on the Morecambe and Wise Christmas Show in 1977.)

6 - Baby Suri Cruise, previously unseen and oft attributed with not existing, child of Tom Cruise and the pretty one from Dawson's Creek, Katie Holmes, made her debut this week. With a full photo spread in Vanity Fair magazine and covered by every news channel in the states. Can some again tell me why celebrities are such big news? I don't think I get it. My wife and her friends are absolutely addicted to all the gossip mags and this Pink blog.
7 - I have not failed to get parking spaces immediately where I want them, when I want them.
8 - I read something in Forbes magazine that in my mind ties the whole Law of Attraction to what some scientists call "string theory". I haven't had much time to research this further yet but here's my first results page. I'll let you know what I find out unless you can tell me more about it first.

Thanks and see you soon.

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The Universe

Today I return from vacation - I've enjoyed 10 wonderful days with no work, no thoughts of work and I loved it. Congratulations to my friends Mike and Carolyn who got married over the weekend. We love ya.

So while I've been back at my desk this morning clearing through emails and getting ready to get back to work I received this wonderful email that just puts things into persepctive in the universe. We're all aware of some level of universal scale but this is mainly pictoral and really helped me grasp it.

and poor little pluto is no longer a planet.. Sniffle.

Earth is INVISIBLE? Wow.

Antares is the 15th brightest star in the sky.

It is 560 light years away.

So in summary, outside of just being really fascinating what does it mean?

Well to be honest, and to quote from the movie The Commitments...

"f***ed if oi know Terry". But my interpretation is that the universe is enormous, and powerful and we are less than mere specs in it, like dust particles, blowing around and collecting on the furniture. Never alone, always as a collection, always interconnected.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Welcome to my new store

Once a week I will be making recomendations for reading and will be posting them in my new e-store.

Personally I love reading, that's why blogging has become so much fun. I get to write about almost anything I wish and then go off and look at all the other blogs out there. It's a great way to get a different perspective on the world.

If you enjoy a more offline style then please enjoy one or more of the books on Amazon.


Thursday, August 24, 2006

I yelled at myself because the voices told me to...

Living life is as much about having fun as it is about making money - This little gem turned up in my inbox today and gave me a chuckle. I thought you might like to play with it too.

My thanks to my brother for sending it to you can see, the universe appears to have gotten inside my head. :-)

++++ email +++++
This is funny (APPARENTLY) - type out the sentence you end up with in the subject line and forward to your friends....and also, send it back to the person that sent it to you.

Pick the month you were born:

January--I kicked
February--I loved
March--I smoked
April--I dry humped
May--I choked on
June--I murdered
July--I did the Macarena with
August--I had lunch with
September--I danced with
October--I sang to
November--I yelled at
December--I ran over

Pick the day (number) you were born on:
1-------a birdbath
2-------a monster
3-------a phone
4-------a fork
5-------a Mexican
6-------a gangster
7-------my cell phone
8-------my dog
9-------my best friends' boyfriend
10-------my neighbor
11-------my science teacher
12-------a banana
13-------a fireman
14-------a stuffed animal
15-------a goat
16-------a pickle
17-------your mom
18-------a spoon
20-------a baseball bat
21-------a ninja
22-------Chuck Norris
23-------a noodle
24-------a squirrel
25-------a football player
26-------my sister
27-------my brother
28-------an ipod
29-------a permanent marker
30-------a llama
31-------A homeless guy

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:

White----------because I'm cool like that
Black-----------because that's how I roll.
Pink------------because I'm NOT a homosexual.
Red------------because the voices told me to.
Blue-----------because I'm sexy and I do what I want
Green---------because I hate myself.
Purple---------because I'm cool.
Gray----------because I was drunk
Yellow--------because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars
Orange-------because I hate my family.
Brown--------because I was high.
Other-------because I'm a ninja.
None--------because I cant control myself

Now type out the sentence you made in the subject line and forward to your friends. And don't forget to send it back to the person that sent it to you.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Good News Broadcast

Have you noticed how the news on TV is almost always bad? I've even got friends and colleagues who have stopped watching the news because they find it depressing, and to be honest the media seems to want to create that. Sensationalist news is what keeps the ratings high. Oh dear, but at what cost?

Where are the stories about the women who are now empowered throughout Afghanistan, or the children who are getting an education in Iraq for the first time in 30 years? Where are the stories of all the people who safely returned home after being missing? Where is the cub scout helping the little old lady to cross the road?

These are the positive stories. When you hear something positive it lifts your mood, you will become more positive. Well that what I think anyway. So today I came upon this site - with it's pleasantly positive news. It's a great way to start your day.

Have fun with it and remember each morning you can create your own day, just by thinking about it.


Oh, and before I forget. If you are single or dating and reading this, there's a great article about how you can use the law of attraction to find true love. It's an interesting article and everything the authors say is exactly what I've been saying about money so if you want both Love and Money then the law of attraction is the way to go.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Law of Attraction Links

Well, bless my soul - there's a whole bunch of folks out there writing about exactly the same Law that I am. Surely there must be something to it.

If you are even remotely sceptical I suggest just checking out these blogs and sites. You'll see that I'm not alone. I invite you to try it out. You'll be surprsied at just how much better you will feel and be just even by putting a positive spin on everything.



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    Shelly : Eclectician Shelly 's Blog ... Healing And The Law of Attraction
  21. Thinking is who I am. Are you?
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Monday, August 21, 2006

Ask and It Is Given - Chapter 16

Ask and It Is Given - Chapter 16

This is one of the chapters of the Book of Abraham by Esther Hicks. If you've seen the Secret you'll know who she is. If not, read this and you might just want to see it. It's available to buy as a video or to view online for $4.95. That's well worh it.

I make no money from recommending these to you I just hope that one day this message gets out to a very wide audience. Then I believe we can truly change the world, one vibrating thought at a time.

P.S. My apologies for having not written over the weekend. I was otherwise engaged living my earthbound existence. :-)

My special thanks to this blog for getting me onto the prosperity game. More on that later but let me just tell you how great it is to receive checks every day. Even in fun.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Eco-Serra, Harmonious Creative Expression: Wealth Beyond Reason, Bob Doyle

Here's a link to another Eco-Serra, Harmonious Creative Expression: Wealth Beyond Reason, Bob Doyle

It all supports my theory that this secret knowledge is growing. Now I'm still a big fan of using it myself for my own health, wealth and happiness goals, but imagine the possibilities if collectively we could all use it for something far greater.

One example is the study in DC that showed that when 400 believers got together and meditated for a 25% drop in violent crime in the city over the summer (it's the US number 1 murder capital) they actually achieved a 25% drop in violent crime.

The police, who had been their biggest sceptics, become a co-sponsor of the research paper published at the end of the experiment.

Now that's a great endorsement for us all getting together and doing something similar in our own cities and towns.

Now try it yourself. here are the rules incase you were unsure.

1 - Ask the universe for something, anything. Make it feel achievable and believable to you right now. Really Believe. That's the key.
2 - The universe will answer, just like the genie in the lamp "your wish is my command"
3 - Receive. Now you have to be ready to receive because you were focused on what you wanted. You may even have been looking out for it, but be ready to receive and it shall be yours.

This has to be the worlds simplest and most powerful, never failing 3 step program.

One example. Back when we were first getting involved in the law of attraction my wife , who, by her own admission can be sceptical wanted to put it to the test. She told me that night as we were going to bed
"I'm going to ask the universe for something simple", my response was
"OK, What?". She said
"Tomorrow at work, the universe will get someone to buy me a diet coke. It's never happened before, despite all the work I do for these people and the rewards they give me no-one has ever bought me a diet coke, so that's what I want."

Well, the very next day at work she called me all excited and told me that during a promotion/in-office competition she had won $ It was handed to her there and then and she went and bought the diet coke.

Now she believes a whole lot more than she did. You can too. Just try it.

Thanks Universe.